Extended Warranty Protection

for Mobile Devices & Accessories

Why the need?

Primarily, two-fold.

Mobile devices are becoming more expensive and will continue to be so, as they scale up to be the main device that will combine mobile phone/tablet/iPad functionality. It will be the key mobile device, before stepping up to requiring a more ‘sophisticated’ laptop/desktop.

Then there’s the mobile device or accessory manufacturer’s warranty. When you read the fine print, the scope of protection, in reality, is very narrow. Promotional material can provide false hope.

Probably the one that stands out the most is ‘water resistant’. Many believe that means ‘We’re protected if water gets into our mobile device’. Oh, no!

If you accidentally drop your phone into a swimming pool, creek or ocean or your precious child thinks it’s OK to take your mobile device into the bath or toss it in the toilet, you need ‘water proof’ protection, not ‘water resistant’ protection.

Plus, there’s the regular occurrence from impact damage, mostly a shattered screen, from accidental dropping.

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What’s covered?

Repair or replacement of a mobile device that is accidentally damaged during the twelve (12) months period of cover from date of purchase of the mobile device or accessories (i.e., screen protectors, covers, water proofing, etc.).

The upside is that, these days, if the repairs are a bit involved, manufacturers, via their authorised repairers, will replace versus repairing. They need to maintain good brand image!

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Who’s the target market?

Manufacturers of mobile devices or accessories, however, these are mostly offshore, so a bit of a challenge.

The primary Australian market are resellers of mobile devices or accessories, although, our facility is global.

The value add for the resellers is (A) product/service differentiation; (B) value add; (C) customer retention, as the mobile device needs to be sighted by the reseller before a further twelve (12) months renewal is offered; (D) they get to apply a mark-up to earn additional income; and (E) if damaged, they get involved to carry out or facilitate the repair or replacement.

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